Buttermint Sampler


8 – Stray Cats (2.7 oz clam) – one of each of the following

Buttermint Clouds: Fluffy Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds and Pink Chiffon entangled with buttermint to delight your senses.

Buttermint Cupcakes: Delicious Cupcakes @ Tiffany and buttermint are just purrfect together!

Buttermint in Paris: What? Sweet on Paris and buttermint? YES, an international delight!

Buttermint Pears:  Sweet juicy pears and buttermint, oh my!

Buttermint Kiss: Plum, cherry, amber, musk and buttermint.

Buttermint Loops: Extra sweet fruit loops and buttermint combined purrfectly just for you!

Cherrymint: Sweet juicy cherries and buttermint collide in this refreshing blend.

Violet Dreamints: Floral meets buttermint in this surprisingly delightful combination of scents.



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Shape Weight Price
Buttermint Sampler 25.6 oz $28.00